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​If you take action against an employee without the benefit of professional advice you could land yourself in Employment Tribunal. Using a solicitor every time you have a personnel problem will be costly but handling the issue incorrectly can also be time consuming, costly and damage staff morale. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away and can often result in a company having a larger problem in the future. Employment legislation and employment case law can be a minefield; by law employees have a number of rights and statutory entitlements.


Paisley Leaf can provide you with a professional HR Service that gives you peace of mind at an affordable rate. You can either become a client with a contractual service or on a pay as you go basis.


Paisley Leaf can provide you advice and guidance on a wide range of HR activities including:-


How to manage individual personnel problems such as

Employee Disputes
Sickness and Ill health
Family Friendly entitlements (i.e. Maternity, Adoption, Parental Leave, Shared Parental Leave etc….)


We can also help you with the following areas

Employment Policies
Employee Documentation
Organisational Change
Pay and Pensions


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