Employee Documentation

Employment legislation requires that as an absolute minimum you issue each member of your staff with a Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment no later than two months after the start of their employment. If you do not do this you are in Breach of Employment Legislation. The Statement of Terms and Conditions has to cover certain areas of their employment and forms the basis of their rights and obligations as an employee and your responsibilities and obligations as their employer. 


Setting out your expectations to your employees in a clear manner that is supported by documentation prevents disputes and misunderstandings in the future. 


Paisley Leaf HR can provide you with Employee Documentation including:-

  • Job Offers
  • Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Reference requests fo new staff.
  • Advice on giving references for exisiting staff
  • Amendments to contract  
  • Employee Handbook
  • Induction Program and paperwork
  • Probation Forms and Policy
  • Appraisal Forms and Policy
  • Individual Action Plans and Objectives 
  • Job Descriptions  
  • Documentation to support individual staffing issues 
  • Template Letters 
  • Exit Questionnaires and letters fo staff leaving your employment 
  • Training Agreements 
  • Individual Training Plans 
  • Managers Handbook and many more 


Paisley Leaf HR can provide all of these documents for your business either for each employee as they are employed (acting as your in-house HR department) or as a set of standard documents for you to utilise as and when you need to. 


We will also advise you about the documents you need to retain on each Employees' Personal File to meet the requirements of legislation - for example confimation that your employee has the Right to Work within the UK.  In keeping Employee records you also need to ensure that you abide by the legislaion concerning Data Protection. Paisley Leaf HR can help you with this too. 


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