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Employment law changes on average twice yearly; if you are not up-to-date on the law then it is only a matter of time before you fall foul of it.


If you are a client of Paisley Leaf HR we take care to ensure that your business is compliant with forthcoming legislation by advising you in advance of when changes will take place and by auditing all your existing practices and procedures as a matter of routine.


You can also keep abreast of the news by visiting the news section of our website and by reading the quaterly newsletter sent to all our clients in January, April, July and October each year.


However you need to bear in mind that although employment law changes twice a year, case law is an ever changing continuum; as a client of Paisley Leaf HR will ensure you remain the right side of the law.


As a new client we will work with you to review your current policies and practices and update those areas in need of improvement via our comprehensive HR Healthcheck & Action Plan.


The Paisley Leaf HR Healthcheck is designed to ensure your current employment contracts, policies, procedures and practices are compliant with the latest employment legislation.


The Paisley Leaf HR Healthcheck initially takes the form of a simple questionaire. The answers to the questionaire highlight areas where further investigation may be needed.


Once the questionaire and any investigations are completed you will recieve a report and action plan tailored to your business which highlights the areas which need improvement.


Sensible employment practices can help companies to:

  • be more effective
  • be more profitable
  • to grow and create more jobs

Employees are a company's greatest asset so its worth spending some time and effort over them.


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