Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests have a number of uses within a business environment these include:-

  • Selection of candidates to jobs 
  • Personal development 
  • Identification of training needs/staff development 
  • Careers Guidance
  • Building and developing teams


Tests can measure aptitude, personality and interests.  


We have the following tests available for use:-



  • 15 FQ +
  • Occupational Personality Profile
  • Jung Type indicator


Values and Motives 

  • Values and Motives inventory
  • Work Attitude inventory 


Aptitude and ability 

  • Graduate Reasoning test
  • General Reasoning test
  • Critical Reasoning test
  • Abstract Reasoning test 
  • Clerical Test battery 
  • Technical Test battery 


Unsupervised Aptitude and Ability 

  • Adapt-g
  • Internet Reasoning test
  • Critical Reasoning battery



  • Occupational interests profile +
  • Learning style inventory 


Paisley Leaf HR can administer these tests and provide feedback to both you and the applicant/employee. These can either be purchased as part of a larger project or as a one off test or set of tests.

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