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Whether your business is a large multinational organisation or a small start-up that’s just beginning to grow, the people you employ are absolutely vital.


For any business your reputation is key to future business and ensuring that your company name is synonymous with good work, quality service and professionalism. With your employees acting as the face of your business, it’s vital that you have the right people on-board. It can take years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy one, so it’s sensible to put procedures in place to protect the interests of your business.


Not only are the right employees key to keeping clients happy and establishing a lasting reputation, they are also central to a company’s internal business culture. Recruiting people that create the desired internal culture can help a business to continue to hire ‘right-minded’ employees for years to come, and this in turn should have a positive effect on the quality of service that your business delivers.


Paisley Leaf can help you with all your recruitment needs including:-

  • Advertising

  • Applicant Information packs

  • Application Forms and Recruitment Paperwork

  • Interviews and Candidate Assessments

  • Psychometric Testing


Businesses are never static and are constantly evolving, therefore as your business demands change, so will your workforce. Hiring and firing can help you fit the people to your business needs, but anticipating your future business demands, and actively developing your employees' alread exisiting skill sets can also help meet your objectives without the addiional cost of hiring. A training needs anaylsis audit can identify the gap between the skiils your business needs and the skills your employees currentl have. You can then set you training program to mee these needs. 


Paisley Leaf HR can undertake a training needs analysis for your business and then help you set your training program. 


Training for Managers

It’s a good idea for all managers to be trained with regards to people management and the processes involved. Whilst proper policies and procedures can help guide in this area it makes good practice to regularly review and support managers to ensure they; and consequently your company, deal with people in the appropriate manner. Training in these areas can ensure the best person is hired, that employees are supported through any issues that affect their working life and morale, as well as ensuring you retain your best employees by developing their skills, which in turn help develop and drive your business to meet its strategic objectives.


Paisley Leaf can provide training for your Managers to ensure they understand the policies and procedures they are implementing


We can also supplement the training with a Managers Handbook.  

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